Timber Machining

Our investment in Weinig machinery includes:

  • Two 9-head high speed moulding lines with up to 100 metres per minute capacity.
  • Computerised template maker for mouldings and special/customised products.
  • A twin resaw and tooling equipment

What does this mean for you?

  • Faster and large volume machining service.
  • Customised products to match the products  you want.
  • Superior finish.
  • Competitive supply.
  • We cut and/or machine timber to your specifications for a nominal charge
  • New timber machining capability: Timber Machining. Stamco has 28,000 square feet of production area fitted with the latest technology.
  • Our new machining services rival mills in the UK and Scandinavia.
  • We cut firring pieces, arris rail and featheredge to order.